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Here's another gallery of superheroine bondage comics from an excellent site in the genre called H.I.P. Comix. ('H.I.P. Comix' stands for Heroines in Peril comics and features a wide variety of sexy and vibrant adult comics.)

This Spotlight Gallery features a few samples of the work of dynamic HIPcomix storywriting and artwork duo Doc Robo and Finister Foul. If you've heard the names before it's probably from their long-running epic "Superheroine Squad" which after YEARS of storyline twists and turns (and lots of tied up gorgeous superheroines) has finally reached it's epilogue.

The top images are issue covers from their latest "Grime City Stories", the bottom row contains images from some of their earlier works. Check out the pictures then scroll down further for more background info from storywriter Doc Robo himself!

Please note: These images have been compressed to conserve bandwidth. See the full-size, high-res pics inside HIPcomix!

I contacted Doc Robo over e-mail and asked him if he could give adult comics fans a brief background of his and Finister's current work 'Grime City Stories'. I asked, what's it about, and why should we be excited?

Doc Robo: ' "Grime City Stories" is a series of short (two or three issue) comics set in the Metrobay Universe, which was originally established with the much longer "Twisted Tales", "Superheroine Squad", and "Pink Pussycat" series. We are utilizing the shorter format to spotlight a couple of characters in each story who may have gotten lost in the shuffle of the longer epics. We also want to use the "Grime City Stories" to introduce new characters and new locales within Metrobay in an attempt to expand our fictional little city and make our stories stand out from the competition.

We hope that with our potent mix of gorgeous women, hot adult action, interesting characters and exotic fantasies we have created a story that stimulates both the mind and the body. We aim to keep our loyal and supportive readers emotionally invested in both the plot and the accompanying images, masterfully rendered by one of the best CG artists in the erotic comic business today, Finister Foul.

The beauty of the "Grime City Stories" model is that once one short has finished there is always a follow-up right around the corner, ready to whisk the reader away for another fun-filled fantasy with a new storyline and new characters. We hope that mix of freshness and familiarity will keep people coming back for more with each successive installment. '

Read the sex-filled series "Grime City Stories" from
talented writing and art duo Doc Robo and Finister Foul

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