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Fellow adult comix fans,

Here's another gallery of adult comix images from the best superheroine bondage comics site on the 'Net, 'Heroines in Peril Comix' - better-known as H.I.P. Comix!

This gallery features the 'wurk' of Doug Sturk 'Sturkwurk' a current and long-time HIPcomix artist.

I find words too small to describe his art. Have a look at these sample covers below from his current series 'The Heroine Chronicles' and also from his recent 'The Rejects'. WARNING: Prepare to be blown away.

I asked 'Sturkwurk' if he could inform adult comics fans a little about the two series featured above - Sturkwurk has a lot to tell you. So read on!

Sturkwurk: "*The Rejects* is a 10 part story about a small group of Heroes that would usually be seen the background of a normal comic. They have their own hang ups and insecurities, and of course abilities that normal folks don't. Their leader is an Act first take no shit kind of lady named *Knight Ranger*, she has a mysterious past (heck they all have mysterious pasts) and is proficient with some levels of teleportation, bladed weapons, and even handguns.

The first character you meet is *Snow Sapphire*, a dingy debutant with ice elemental powers. Dingy and rich, but hardly an ice princess. Finally they are paired up with an Irish ninja named *Bernard*. He's pretty much your run of the mill ninja, except he has some of his own lifestyle choices that he barely keeps hidden. I kept his code name a secret for a while, you'll have to read the comic to find it.

*The Rejects* have encounters with Nazis, Speedsters, and end up in a New York Penthouse.

My newest comic is *The Heroine Chronicles*. I wanted to tell a story that would use all of the characters I've created for HipComix so far. The story starts featuring the *Steel Talon* from my *DOWNFALL* storyline, then moves into a *Rejects* thread, and up next is a surprise that I just revealed on March 7th, *Stephi the MissTitt Sorceress* Returns to my story! I have some more twists and turns in mind and I plan on wrapping up some unanswered questions from my other comics.

My focus is always on telling a fun story, and honestly I try to make myself laugh as much as I can. I hope that if I'm enjoying the tale, everybody else is."

Visit H.I.P. Comix here to enjoy more of Sturkwurk's stories and mind-expanding erotic art!

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